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I’m Simone, next level strategist, certified career coach and founder of Wilson Rose Solutions (WRS), a coaching and consulting practice helping clients move forward and realize their goals.

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The Birth of Wilson Rose Solutions

I launched Wilson Rose Solutions (WRS) in 2013 with the goal of helping others to create personal and professional assets. I’ve navigated (still navigating some aspects) my own career, solopreneurial and life challenges and through the process I have gained valuable insights and strategies. A big part of my journey was (still) doing what I call “soul work”, examining my thoughts and actions, becoming aware of blind spots (with the help of my personal board of directors) and shedding limiting beliefs that held me back and caused me to play small.

Now, I combine knowledge from my professional experience in career development, training design and delivery, facilitation, strategic planning, leadership, organizational change and development; my educational background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology; wisdom gained from the school of life and my encouraging style to help clients develop strategies and stay accountable to drive greater professional success and personal fulfillment.

What I Do & Who I Work With 

I coach, teach and strategize with clients to embrace their authentic selves, blend their natural strengths, skills and expertise with action so they can take the driver's seat and create desired results in their careers and lives.

I work with career individuals to take charge and develop action strategies to take their careers to the next level. I partner with small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to action plan for their business future and work on personal growth, tapping into their strengths to bring about greater results. I provide clients with tools, resources and support so they can transition from where they are to where they want to be.

Ways We Can Work Together 

If you are ready to create action strategies and receive accountability support so you can see greater results - call 516.229.1356 or email to schedule a consultation!

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I write about career and professional development, personal growth and my journey of working 9-5 while also leading my coaching and consulting practice during nights and weekends . I write about areas of interest and lessons I’ve learned that I want to share with readers who are looking to advance to their next level. I share my thoughts and strategies for you to take what works for you and apply in a way to help you create personal and professional assets.

DISCLAIMER: The content I write is from the perspective of my work as a career coach and next level strategist. The information presented on this website is my personal and non-medical thoughts and options and should not be construed as medical or psychological advice. I am not a health care professional and content on this site is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical or psychological problems. Please seek the assistance of a licensed health care professional if you believe you may have a condition or serious problem.

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