"Coaching is about creating an action plan that moves you forward, from where you are to where you want to be." ~James Himm Mitchell

Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your career ...let's take steps to achieve your career and professional development goals!

  • Do you want to create a strategic action plan to move forward in your career?
  • Do you want to enhance your communication skills?
  • Do you want to take your leadership skills to a new level?
  • Do you to improve your skills in preparation for your next interview?
  • Do you want to DISCover your behavioral style, strengths and preferences?

If you answer YES, I am here to journey with you! I offer support where you need it the most. I focus on providing practical tools and techniques, structure and accountability partnership to help you create a plan and get into action. Take the next step - schedule a consultation and let's work to take your career to the next level and help you realize your full potential.



CAREER STRATEGY SESSION: This 60-minute strategy session is for you if you have a pressing career matter and want to focus, prioritize and identify next steps. Serving as your brainstorming and accountability partner, I will help you create a strategy that you can put into action to achieve greater career results. Make an investment in yourself. Contact me to schedule a strategy session.

LEAD YOUR CAREER: What's your plan to achieve your most important career goals?This private 3-month coaching (6 sessions) is for you if you are ready to take the lead and chart your career success pathway. If you are ready to think creatively, develop and implement actionable strategies to achieve your goals, let me support you in moving to the next level. Are you ready to take action to grow you career and create the results that you want? Get started today!

Note: coaching sessions are conducted via phone or online video chat and are scheduled during the evenings or on weekends.


I incorporate DISC-based communication style and behavioral strengths reports to help you gain insight into your behavioral style, naturals strengths and abilities. DISC is a widely used communication style and behavioral profiling tool, supported by decades of research and continuous and up-to-date validation. The DISC behavioral model is universally proven to provide applications for improvement in the following areas: communication; leadership development; team building; interpersonal interactions; career development/planning; conflict resolution; and goal setting.

DISC Assessment measures four behavioral factors:

  • D - How you respond to problems and challenges
  • I - Your comfort level in influencing others
  • S - Your preferences toward the pace of your environment
  • C- Your tendencies regarding your desire for data, rules, policies and procedures

Contact me to take a DISC Assessment and discover your behavioral style and strengths!


"I consulted with Ms. Wilson a couple weeks ago in reference to my career goals. She listened to my concern and was able to provide extremely helpful feedback. Her feedback translated into me tweaking my resume to fit the job I want and to attract the employer I want. For over a year I was not successful obtaining employment. Less than a month after speaking with Ms. Wilson, I landed two face-to-face interviews with one turning into F/T employment. I give her the credit for my career change. I give her the credit for getting off of the unemployed line. I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to go but, I could not see a clear path to get there. Ms. Wilson, you made my dark cloud bright. Thank you for all your help. I am much grateful." A. W., Human Resources 


"Working with Simone has opened me up in ways that I couldn't have done for myself. Insecurities were revealed and we worked together to resolve those issues. Self-sabotaging issues were revealed that Simone helped me to work through and prevent in the future. Our sessions always ended with me feeling empowered and motivated to conquer the next work day. It was a very valuable experience that I take with me into each workday." J.A., Insurance Industry

Get Strategic * Take Action * Grow Your Career

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